Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Lovin' Challenge Part 2

Whew!  I missed the target date for the reveal and pulled out my beads just this morning after being reminded by a blog post that today was the reveal date.   I started hopping through the participants and discovered many beautiful pieces that exemplified some type of bead weaving.  I'm not a bead weaver.  I've made several bead weaving pieces and I enjoyed making them, however, that technique is not what I do on a regular basis.  I envy those people that can turn tiny seed beads into such works of art.  

My piece was definitely not going to be a bead weaving piece and therefore I had the ability to pull something together a little quicker than others.  I love the focal bead that was being featured in this challenge.  I pulled a piece of silver gray sari silk in my stash and that became the catalyst for me to get started.  I had made another focal section using the peach pearls with the gray but after a consultation with my artsy daughter, Baille, I decided to go another route. I chose to stick with the gun metal gray to give my piece a monotone look.    I embellished the sari silk with the gray pearls and crystal beads for some sparkle.  I finished it off with a section of pearls and silver and a handmade clasp.  Even though I started late I feel pretty good about my piece and it is definitely something I would wear.  

Hopefully you have already had the pleasure of visiting the other sites but just in case you haven't, here are the links.  


  1. WOW!! I am absolutely loving all the fiber I've seen today! And this is no exception! Beautiful work with this kit!!! Thank you for participating!!!

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  2. This is so pretty. I really like the variety of pearl sizes in the little groups along the sari silk. The bright silver and shiny pearls are a great contrast to the more matte finish of the silk and the pendant. I want to put this on with a great white linen shirt.

  3. Hi Linda,
    I had a rather busy day so I am just getting around to visiting all the blogs in this hop. I love your design it is so very pretty! I like the way you wire wrapped the pearls to the silk. Keeping your color choice to gray and silver makes the pendant with the touch of gold really stand out. I would totally wear this necklace also!

  4. Such a beautiful piece! I especially love how you used the pearlls down the silk! Clever!

  5. This is really beautiful! Love the sari silk.

  6. Beadweaving or not you totally rocked this piece!!!!

  7. Oh wow, I think you did an incredible job for starting so late! Let me just say I big puffy heart that focal! You definitely did it justice :)

    Beautiful job!

  8. Do I ever like pearls and sari silk. Great creation.


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