Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bead Chat Glossi by Artisan Whmsy

The latest issue of Bead Chat Glossi is now available for viewing online at:

This online magazine is full of great Artisan Jewelry and fantastic articles.  

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Color Palette Generator from Photos

Want to generate your own color palette from a photo? Try out this website.

 Upload the URL of your photo and click generate and a palette will be generated from your photo.  This can be useful in creating a color palette for a website or as in my case to create a piece of jewelry from an inspirational photo.  

Color Palette Generator



Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bead Soup Reveal - 7th Blog Party Woo Hoo!

Today is the day for the third reveal for the 7th Blog Party that Lori Anderson, the "hostess with the mostest" at Pretty Things Blog is hosting.  Lori is such a lovely person and she puts so much of herself into this bead swap blog party.  This is why this blog party is so successful and popular.    After I signed up for the bead soup party, I almost backed out due to some time constraints on my part.  The lovely partner that I was assigned, Laura Guenther of Blue Antiquities, and Lori persuaded me not to and I'm glad now that I stuck it out.  

This was the second time that I had Laura as my bead soup party partner and I think it was fate that I was matched up with Laura again.  Laura is such a lovely individual and I am happy that I had this additional time to get to know her.  I received a beautiful package full of beads from Laura many of which she made herself, Laura is very talented at enameling and I hope someday to develop a portion of Laura's skills.  Here's a refresh on what I received from Laura - the packaging is always awesome. 

The first piece that I made is a necklace using a copper focal and some coral colored beads along with some dainty hand painted glass beads.  I decided to try my hand at hand knotting these beads onto some waxed linen that I had in my stash.  After I had all of the knotting done the dilemma set in as to how to finish it off.  I tried leather, I tried chain and nothing seem to work.  I was reading Laura's blog about the beads that she had sent me and I was looking at the pictures.  Laura had made a super cute decorated cone to package my beads - as I was looking at the picture I noticed how great the sari silk that Laura had tied around the cone matched the beads.  I'm not sure if Laura intended for me to use this silk but I took it off of my package (it pained me a bit to take it off the gorgeous packaging) and used it to finish off my necklace along with the hand forged clasp that Laura sent.

In the second piece, I used the multi-colored ribbon in shades of blue and brown, along with the Czech glass beads, crystal beads and the enamel focal that Laura had made.  I also combined the patina rings  Laura had included and added some antique brass chain from my stash.  I made wired bead components for this piece. I think it turned out lovely and I have already worn this piece - it was the accessory for my Easter ensemble.    

Since I had a little extra time with the delayed reveal, I managed to make several pairs of earrings with the other beads and components that Laura sent.  Laura had included some really cute bead caps in the mix and they called out earrings to me.  I also used Laura's enamel headpins in some of these earrings.  

Here's the list of additional participants.  Please visit their sites and enjoy the wonderful creations created.  

Thank you Lori for hosting this event and thank you to Laura for all the wonderful beads and for her friendship.  

Here's the link to our hostess Lori's blog, Pretty Things, where you will find the full list with all the links to all the other participants of the 3rd reveal of the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party (whew that's a mouthful).  Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bead Chat Glossi Test Group

I belong to a great group on facebook that is made up of fellow jewelry designers, Creative Bead Chat .  As part of this group, we develop friendships, we have discussions (sometimes lengthy), and we share information and inspiration with each other.  Recently one of our discussions about the use of various gauges of wire snowballed into the beginning of a 5x5 test group.  This first test group was the brain child of  Melinda Orr, the founder of Creative Bead Chat.   Melinda also supplied the products for this test group and she sent 5 identical packets to people in our group.  I was lucky enough to be part of a this first 5 x 5 test group.  The idea was that the results of this test would be included in the April 2013 issue of the newly created newsletter, Artisan Whimsy Bead Chat Glossi!

The products included in this first test included two gauges of copper wire, bronze wire, and some new flat aluminum wire in two widths.   Melinda Orr supplied 5 members of the facebook group Creative Bead Chat with these products and we all independently started playing with these goodies.  

I have done wire work in the past but it has never been the primary focus in my jewelry making, so this was really a test for me as well.  The copper wire was great for clasps and focals and I made several pieces with the copper wire.  

Next I started to play with the flat aluminum wire.  This wire is very flexible and softer than the copper wire that I had been experimenting with.  I decided to try texturing this flat wire and I  got out my Cuttlebug die cutting machine and an embossing folder and gave the aluminum wire some texture.  It took the texturing well and looked great.  Once I had some of the flat wire textured I added beads and did some wire wrapping to make earrings and a flat clasp.  


I tried to incorporate the textured wire in pieces that allowed the wire to remain flat.  Several focals came out of this experiment.

All five participants are featured in the April issue of Artisan Whimsy Bead Chat Glossi.  You can check out their projects on their personal blogs as well. - April 2013 ~ BEAD Chat Magazine

For a closer look at their projects check out their personal blogs:    

Kumi Fisher at Mali Kai Designs, Ali McCarthy of Northwoods Creative Studio, Alicia Marinache of All Pretty Things, and Kristin Oppold of Yay Jewelry.  Everyone did a great job and there is some wonderful inspiration that came out of this process.  If you would like to be part of one of the future 5 x 5 test groups join us on Artisan Whimsy where you will be able to get all the scoop! 

For products from this most recent test, go visit Melinda's store Orrtec for supplies :)

    Friday, March 15, 2013

    Bead Chat Glossi

    What's all the chatter... check out the new  digital magazine created by Melinda Orr and Cynthia Machata for the Artisan Whimsy Bead Chat group.  This is the premiere issue and it is filled with lots of lovelies including a few of my own creations.  This digital magazine will be a monthly feature and will only keep getting better.   This beautiful glossi showcases the work of fellow Artisan Whimsy Members as well as providing great information on new tools, new products, and highlights a member of our Artisan Whimsy team each month.  If you haven't already, please check it out by visiting  

    Sunday, March 3, 2013

    Bead Soup is Simmering

    Bead Soup Bead Party is upon us and I have sent my bead soup package to my lovely partner Laura Guenther.  You met Laura in my last post.  Here is what I sent for Laura to work with. 

    I sent Laura two different soups and two different color options.  Laura's work is usually on a smaller scale than mine so I wasn't totally sure about the pendant in the first soup. I wasn't sure if it would be out of her comfort zone, but I loved the colors in the pendant and thought that it would possibly give her a challenge, one that I am sure she is up to.  I also included some leather cording in that soup as well.  The second soup I felt was Laura.  It included a Unicorne glass heart with shades of red and blue. This soup consists of  silver pearls, red and blue Czech glass beads that I picked up on a trip to York Beads in New York City, the colors mimic colors in the heart, some blue quartz beads and some red glass beads.  I also included some Sari ribbon for Laura to work with.  I can't wait to see what Laura does with these.  Her work is always awesome.  Laura and I are in the second reveal date, April 6, so please come back then and  see what we cooked up with our soups.

    Thursday, February 28, 2013

    Bead Soup Blog Party - Meet my Partner

    It is time for Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Party for 2013. This year's event
    has over 500 jewelry artists from around the world. The largest Bead Soup Party yet.  I am thrilled to be a part of this party again this year.  

    Each year Lori Anderson undertakes this massive project and spends countless
    hours matching up partners, arranging schedules, sending out emails to all the participants and Lori does an awesome job.  She is truly the queen of Bead Soup Parties and has earned a reputation this event.

    This year I am going to be participating in the second reveal on April 6th.  
    My schedule this spring has been quite hectic trying to get things arranged
    around the events of my three children.

    My partner this year is Laura Guenther of Blue Antiquities.  Laura was my partner last year and my a slight twist of fate I again was matched up with Laura.  

    I became acquainted with Laura in last years Bead Soup Party.  It was the first party for both of us and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Laura.  Laura lives in Georgia with her husband and three children.  Georgia is a favorite state of mine as all three of my children have attended the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah Georgia and my husband and I have spent many years visiting that city and somehow having a partner in that same state give me a connection.  

    Laura is a very talented artist.  She does some fantastic enamel work and has recently started using mica in her work. She has done some some great pieces using this medium.  I am always impressed with Laura’s talent.  Laura has an Etsy shop where she sells her beautiful artwork, she does art shows, and her packaging for her jewelry is as awesome as the jewelry itself.  She is also a published artist having her work published in the most recent Winter Issue of Belle Armoire.

    Here is just a sampling of Laura’s work:

    I can’t wait to see what Laura is going to do with her soup again this year and I look forward to working with her.  Come back soon to see the soups received and sent.

    Saturday, February 23, 2013

    Rebel Mouse - Great Tool for Summarizing Your Favorites

    Rebel mouse just added to my blog!

    RebelMouse organizes your online presence into a beautiful, dynamic and social site - in minutes. Rebel Mouse provides a quick way to review your favorite blogs, facebook pages, twitter accounts, pinterest pins, Magazine sites and more.  By setting up a user profile and adding the sites, feeds and RSS codes for your favorites you can get an organized view of all your favorite things on just one page.  It's quite easy to set up and get going.  

    I just recently started using Rebel Mouse and I love the way that all my favorite sites and feeds are summarized into a beautiful front page. I am going to be doing a tutorial on setting up your own personal Rebel Mouse in the near future but in the meantime, I have added my own Rebel Mouse account to my blog for you to check out. This way when you visit my blog you get a little bonus. You can check out my Rebel Mouse by clicking the Tab above and it is live - as things update so does the Rebel Mouse screen. 

    Rebel Mouse gives you a summary of the information that is being fed into the screen, but if you want to see or read more simply click on the link and it takes you to the original source.

    Take a peek.  Click the tab and if you like what you see then I would love to have you follow me on Rebel Mouse.  

    Friday, February 1, 2013

    Seam Binding Challenge

    Recently over on Artisan Whimsy,  I was selected as one of the participants in Karen Lackey's Hand Dyed Seam Binding Ribbon Giveaway and Challenge.  Karen makes some fantastic hand dyed seam binding and as part of the challenge, she sent 20 lucky people samples of her ribbon.  The challenge was to create a piece of jewelry using this seam binding and share it on our blog.   The ribbon I received was a lovely blue/green, gorgeous!

    When I started to work with the ribbon, I was having a little bit of a creative block.  I started looking  thru my bead stash and pulled out some beads and waxed linen cording that I thought would work.  I stumbled upon a ceramic focal bead that I had been given in a bead swap and it worked.  

    Here are the pieces that I put together.  The first piece is a wrapped bangle with a large stone focal.  The second is a necklace that I created with the ceramic focal bead and some beads I had in my stash.  I originally was going to use the ribbon loose on the necklace but decided instead to braid it to give the necklace a little more interest.  

    Unfortunately the photos do not do the ribbon justice.  The weather and lack of sunshine outside in my neck of the woods makes taking photographs very difficult.  Now head on over to Artisan Whimsy  to read Karen's blog post and to see the other participants.  Thanks Karen for allowing me to participate and for your generous giveaway.  

    Monday, January 28, 2013

    Hearts, Hearts, Hearts

    It's time to dust off the keyboard and get my blog back in gear for the New Year.   I've been a little neglectful of my blog since the holidays.  Now its time to get the dust off and start working on more frequent posts.  All the exciting blog hops, Bead Soup Parties and challenges are back in gear and I need to be ready.  

    My first challenge for the year is one by Artisan Whimsy.  Artisan Whimsy put out a challenge to create a piece of jewelry that shows your passion and love for jewelry design. One of my passions is making and wearing charm bracelets.  I love the dangly feeling of wearing a charm bracelet and the sexy way it makes you feel.  Hearts are also a favorite or mine as it the color red.  This bracelet combines both of these into one piece of jewelry.