Monday, October 22, 2012

Kalmbach Bead Soup Party Reveal

To celebrate the release of Lori Anderson's book, Bead Soup, Kalmbach Books is having a Bead Soup Party.  I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the party goers.  From Safire Rose Beads and Things in my home state of Ohio, I received this great soup below .  

The soup ingredients included beads in several shades of blue with some silver accent beads, some silver tone findings, some clear seed beads, and a gorgeous, fused-glass focal bead. 

At first I struggled with the recipe for my soup - the blue in the focal was just a little bit different from the accent beads and I really wanted to use the focal bead in my necklace.  While pulling out some black beads from my pantry, I just happened upon some crackle glass beads in the same shade of blue as the focal.  Once I found these crackle beads I was ready to go.  I used the gorgeous silver accent beads from my soup and also some of the pearlized seed beads.  

There were many design attempts of this necklace before I was pleased with the results.  After much stirring, here is what I finally came up with from my soup.  

A special thanks to Kalmbach Books and Safire Rose Beads and Things for allowing me to attend the party.  

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  1. Wow. . .your necklace is stunning! There's something about it that seems so modern, like one of those offices where everything is glass and silver and black leather. It seems airy and open, but professional at the same time. Very cool!


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