Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lorelei Eurto/Jade Scott Challenge

One of my goals this year is to get more involved in blog hops.  I sat on the sidelines all last year looking at all the wonder things being put together by a host of talented jewelry makers.  I have been following Lorelei Eurto's blog since early last year - I love her blog and her jewelry.  She was having a fantastic giveaway and challenge on her blog.  She was offering up one of Jade Scott's cute pinwheel connectors to seven lucky winners.  Since I wasn't one of the lucky seven, I decided to purchase a pinwheel from Jade Scott's Etsy shop anyway and play along with the challenge that Lorelei arranged.   I had forgotten the reveal date was today until I read Lorelei's blog yesterday and I hurriedly went into my bead stash and started looking around.  I had purchased a cute packet of beads by Jesse James at one of my local bead stores and decided that they screamed spring as did the cute little windmill.  These beads were so colorful and fun I couldn't resist trying to incorporate the windmill into the stash.  Here is what I put together. 

I wanted the windmill to be off center but by doing that it created a challenge for me on how and where to attach my closure.  I'm still not quite happy with the ending but it will have to do until I find just the right piece.  Hope you enjoy the hop to these other sites to see what fun things they did with their windmills. 

Please excuse the bad photos.  It snowed all day here yesterday and we have had very little sunshine.  I am still working on getting good photos.  My son, who is an excellent photographer (his major in college was film and video)says that my photos are flat - I'm not even sure what that means.  You would think that some of his talent would rub off on me. Oh well, I'm still learning.  

Check out the other sites for their contributions:


  1. So colorful and fun! great color palette here! I love the placement of the pinwheel, and did something similar at one side. Thanks for playing along!

  2. Looks like candy! So cheerful :) Glad you decided to join the fun!

  3. Very sweet and fun - I love all the colour! You did a great job :-)

  4. The color palette is so pretty. It really does remind me of candy .. the "almost too pretty to eat" kind of candy. :)

  5. I just love all the bright colors you used in this fun piece!

  6. Fun fun fun! I love how it is a simple design but it has so much complexity and movement! I'm so glad you participated in the challenge! (I have the same goal this year - let's hope we can both do lots of blog hops!)

  7. Linda,
    Your piece is so colorful and cheery I really like it, great job!


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