Saturday, May 5, 2012

One Crayon Color Hop Today!

When I saw the latest challenge being hosted by Sally Russick at The Studio Sublime I just had to hop on board (no pun intended).   The rules - pick one color from the 8 color crayon box and make a monochromatic design.  Well I love almost all of the colors in this crayon box but I chose purple as the one color to work with for this challenge.  

Purple is the color of my garden right now.  I have lilac, columbine and wild phlox all in various shades of purple.  

I have two pieces to share with you today.  The first is a freeform peyote cuff bracelet using various shades of purple seed beads, Swarovski crystal and Czech glass beads.

The second piece is a fringe bracelet inspired by a bracelet I saw in Beadwork magazine many years ago by Bindy Lambell.  It uses various shades of purple flowers, Swarovski crystal, Czech glass bead and leaf beads.  Even though the leaf beads look green in this photograph even they have a purplish tint to them. 

This was a fun challenge.  Many thanks to Sally Russick for hosting.  Now hop on over to the other blogs to see what fun things they painted with their crayons.  

Hosted by:

Sally Russick


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  1. Stunning cuff! Wow,...and the second bracelet is a show stopper - gorgeous. Such detailed work - very beautiful. I love that you used your flowers in the photos - especially the lilacs, those are my fav!

    1. Thanks for the lovely comments. It is much appreciated.

  2. Linda, I am in love with both of your bracelet! I love seeing your free-form style. My brain won't let me do that... LOL But your flower bracelet... that one just screams my name and would be a favorite treasure in my stash!

    Great to meet you! I'm now following your blog and can't wait to see more of your creations!

  3. What gorgeous pieces! I can't imagine the time you put into making them. The colors are just beautiful!

  4. Hi Linda,
    Both bracelets are out of this world beautiful. I am envious of those that can let go and do free form peyote. I want to try this so bad and I love how others make it look so beautiful, like your bracelet for instance. I am going to give it a try one of these days just to see what comes forth.
    I love the garden bracelet so very spring and summer!

  5. Yes, my jaw actually dropped when I saw your first bracelet. It is stunning. How in the world did you do that? And, the second bracelet is beautiful too, so full of purple yumminess. Great job on both of them, but that first one....WOW! Great job.

  6. They are both so gorgeous! The second bracelet is RIGHT up my alley -- I love fringe and dangles! Beautiful!

  7. What a beautiful cuff! The second bracelet reminds me of Monet watercolors - so feminine and classic.

  8. Both of your bracelets are gorgeous - but the fringe bracelet -- OMG - stunningly beautiful!! I love it!

  9. Wow! Linda, I can tell that you had fun!! You are a true beadweaving artist!! The beautiful freeform peyote is so fabulous, you are killing me... i have attempted freeform peyote several times and I just can't get it to work for me! There has got to be a trick that I don't know about!!! And that fringe bracelet, holy moley did that take a heck of alot of weaving... Amazing!!!!

    I want to take a moment to tell you that I appreciate it so much that you were able to participate in the hop/challenge!!! GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS work!!!

  10. Those are both amazing! I love freeform peyote and you did such a beautiful job. That second bracelet, though. I just stared at it. I don't know how you had the patience for all that fringe, but I am so glad you did. It is just gorgeous.

  11. the free form peyote is amazing! I don't know how you guys do that ... I'd be ripping it out every third stitch! but you make it look so wonderful! and the fringe, well now that is just gorgeous

  12. You beaders never fail to amaze me...the free form peyote just intrigues me so much. I don't think I could pick a favorite I love them both. Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers to paint and I love their colors too so of course purple is a color I like to use. We have the wild phlox blooming too. I can't wait to get to work on Monday and get to see your photo's on my big screen!!! I will sit and ohh and ahh some more!!!!!

  13. I can't pick a favorite. I love the freeform style in a single color. I don't know that I've ever seen a piece like that before. It's more elegant being a range of a single color. Cha-cha bracelets are my favorite bracelet style though. Amazing work!

  14. A woman after my own heart! I love your take on freeform peyote - great sense of movement and flow! The tone on tone purples tie everything together beautifully.

  15. I absolutely love your purple designs - I've recently discovered beadweaving and the magic of seed beads, so I am inspired by your first bracelet design. And your second bracelet, well I love that too - in fact, it looks a little like the design I came up with for this challenge. Am glad I found your blog on the hop. x

  16. Love the inspirations! The freeform bracelets wears so well. I love the lush look of the beaded fringe bracelet.

  17. Love how you included the photos from your garden. I find nature very inspiring.

  18. Great purple bracelets Linda. I think your freeform purple bracelet came out very well. I love that you used so many different bead shapes. You have a real feel for freeform and I hope you will do more. Thanks for looking at my Peyote Stitch Silence video and for your great feedback.

  19. Both bracelets are wonderful - luscious, beautiful combinations of purples! It's always good to see seed bead work on these challenges, and your freeform is particularly fun. Thanks for sharing your work!

  20. I like freeform bead weaving as well so am going to follow your blog. Love the fringe bracelet - Wow beautiful!

  21. Pretty! I think I like the second one best - you did a lovely job with purple :)

  22. Oh they are both so pretty, gorgeous beadwork!

  23. These are so Beautiful!!! The floral and leaf fringe is fantastic! I love anything with fringe and movement and was drawn right in to this one. Just gorgeous! And I received a freeform peyote book for the holidays. After seeing your bracelet, I think I am ready to abandon my fears and make a piece out of freeform. Thanks for the inspiration, Linda!

  24. Love them both but totally love the freeform bracelet. Just read your previous post on how you go started...sounds so similar to me. How many times have I gotten involved in a big craft project because my kids see something cool and I think, "we could do that..." :-)

  25. Okay, so first I fell in love with the free-form peyote bracelet because it's just so gosh-darn awesome. But then I scrolled down and GASP! fell in love with the luscious fringe bracelet! So beautifully done!!!

  26. Oh goodness! Both of your bracelets are just fantastic! That peyote one is so feminine and delicate-looking and the other is so much FUN! Really wonderful work!

  27. Your two braclets are amazing! My favorite ones so far!!!

  28. Hello Earring swap partner! Sorry I am so late getting here! Your work is lovely! Free form peyote rocks! ( I have never dared try...) fantastic to meet you.


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