Friday, April 20, 2012

Wrapped Stacked and Layered

Tracy Statler of Make Bracelets Blog is hosting a fun event this Saturday.  The hottest look going these days is the stacking and layering of bangles, bracelets, and cuffs.  There are 80 plus participants in this fun event and tomorrow is the big reveal date.   As a little teaser for this event, I'm showing you a layered look that my daughter, Baille,  just recently put together - not on her wrist but on her neck.  This girl loves her jewelry and she's actually the one that got me started in making my own jewelry over 9 years ago.  Baille has an eye for style, she's actually majoring in Fashion Design at Savannah College of Art and Design and was able to squeeze in a few jewelry making classes as well.  She does a lot of photo styling and she is my personal stylist when she is home.  This is one of her latest layering looks featuring necklaces that we made.  

Now don't forget to stop back tomorrow for a look at the layered and stacked group.


  1. your daughter is precious!!! looking forward to seeing what you have created for tomorrow!

  2. Linda, your daughter looks great modeling all of those over-the-top necklaces. It is a really amazing look! :-)

  3. Hey there - I was trying to post on your wrapped stacked and layered post, but it's all jumbled up at the bottom (blogger does that sometimes) and so I wanted to leave a comment here. I LOVE your stacks of bracelets. The turquoise and wooden ones especially! And, the Turks Head knot ones/nautical bracelets - are so fun and comfortable to wear. I can understand why your daughter won't let you wash them,...I wouldn't either!! ;-) Great bracelets - all of them!!


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